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Help & Info about BitTorrent for mac

  • What is BitTorrent?

    BitTorrent is an Internet protocol that supports peer-to-peer file-sharing, designed to enable the distribution of large amounts of data around the globe. Using a BitTorrent client allows users to download files in piecemeal from all other users who have previously downloaded the files or are in the process of downloading them.
  • How do I use BitTorrent for Mac?

    BitTorrent for Mac is a BitTorrent client which facilitates access to the BitTorrent protocol for individuals using OS X. In order to download a file through the BitTorrent network, users have to locate a torrent file (.torrent extension). This provides information which tells the BitTorrent client who is sharing the desired file and initiates the download.
  • What is ‘seeding’?

    The first time a file is shared is known as the creation of a single ‘seed’. After a user has downloaded a file, it is customary to continue this chain of connection by allowing other users to download parts of the completed file from their system. As a file becomes more popular, more seeds are created, which increases the download speed for newcomers.
  • What are ‘peers’?

    Peers are simply all other users of the BitTorrent protocol who are downloading any given file. Once peers have the completed download, they themselves turn into seeders. Download speeds can be significantly reduced if there are more peers downloading a file than seeders who are uploading the completed file.
  • What are ‘leechers’?

    Leeching is a pejorative term amongst the peer-to-peer community for users who essentially take files from other users but do not upload data themselves. It refers to the practise of downloading files from the other users at high-speed before cutting the connection of their BitTorrent client once their own downloads have completed. What are the benefits of using peer-to-peer networks for downloading
  • Is BitTorrent for Mac legal?

    Owning and using BitTorrent for Mac is legal providing users do not infringe copyright laws when downloading or sharing data. Examples of copyrighted material include films, music, and games, and sharing or allowing these kinds of files to be shared is both illegal and unethical.
  • Is BitTorrent for Mac safe?

    As with misconceptions concerning the legality of BitTorrent for Mac, the way in which you use the program determines how safe it is. Sticking to sharing files between acquaintances is, generally speaking, safe because the origin of this data is known. Using torrent files gathered from certain sources, however, may come with an increased risk of infection from malware and other viruses.
  • Is BitTorrent for Mac free?

    It is completely free and imposes no limits on the number of files that you can download or the amount of data that can be transferred. A paid version is available, which removes adverts and contains extra features, including anti-virus protection, the ability to access files remotely, and an HD media player.
  • What’s new in the last version of BitTorrent For Mac?

    BitTorrent 1.8.7 for Mac was released on 6 December 2017. In addition to an update to the language pack which supports the use of the program in over 60 languages, network access on OS X Sierra has been patched and a minor issue with the installation icon has been rectified.


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